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Series & Recent Episodes

"Spiritually Healthy" series

 How do we achieve and maintain our spiritual health? How do we correctly evaluate and diagnose our problems? And do we realize that we know the one who has the cure for all our ills? Listen to our podcast series on "Evaluating our Spiritual Health". 

"Disuse, Misuse, & Overuse" series

 What is the nature of our injuries? Are we working too hard, or not hard enough? Are we working in ways that are counterproductive? How does the way that we live impact or injure us? Listen to our podcast series on "Disuse, Misuse, and Overuse" to learn more. 

Most Recent Episodes

We publish episodes weekly on Saturday. Some of our episodes are standalone discussions, and others are parts of ongoing series. Discover our most recent topics by clicking here or searching for "Devotional Doctors" in your favorite podcast service.